Being a shadow

The term shadow usually suggests something that has an outline but no substance and that is certainly the definition that applies to the shadow Mid and East Antrim Council. The process in preparing to "go live" is frustrating in that a lot of the work that could have been done has not been for various reasons. A small team of staff who are trying to identify the strategic priorities at the same time as ensuring that on the 1st of April next year the bins are still lifted means that many changes will be delayed into the new council term. For elected representatives who want to make a difference as soon as possible the lack of basic information such as the variation in pricing between the three councils for services such as leisure facilities, graves or even what assets councils control limits our ability to consider the next steps. We really only have a few months to move things on, taking hasty decisions next March with limited analysis of the impact will not serve the community in Mid and East Antrim.


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