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Legacy issues

To date the development of Mid and East Antrim Council into a workable functioning resembles a car race in 3 feet of treacle, the drivers (councillors) are raring to go but the machinery can't yet cope with the conditions they are operating in. A couple of areas have shown that councillors recognise the need to deliver value for money, while we are committed to Borough status, the trappings of such status such as a mace, mayoral chains of office and councillor robes will all transfer from the legacy councils and will be used rather than the purchase of new items. This not only saves money but also recognises the historical significance of the three areas which are now coming together. As we move forward with setting the new rates we will be bound very much by the need for a transition year, without yet having Directors in place it shall be some time before the nature of the new workforce and services can be determined. We are bound by the legacy of how the three councils have do…