Change the world

I had a thought the other day about what I wanted to achieve in politics, be a councillor or did I want to be an MLA, was being a MP the ultimate achievement. After thinking about the options I came to the conclusion it was none of these. I want to change the world.

That's not the mad ranting of a megalomaniac it may seem, I'm no Bill Gates, I haven't found a cure for something nasty but I do want to change the world. Maybe not the whole world but each day I try to change someone's world for the better. I might help someone with a welfare appeal, get a house, a planning issue, an issue with a school and many more. For each person I help I change their world, sometimes substantially.

So why politics? Well, instead of changing the world one person one day at a time I want to make bigger decisions for more people all at once. Instead of one appeal, make the assessment process fairer so that more people get what they are entitled too without the trauma of an appeal. Instead of one house deliver changes to increase social housing provision so everyone who needs a home has access to one. Instead of one planning issue make the system easier for people to access and understand, meet the needs of the people not the system. Instead of helping one child with an education issue change the system to ensure all children can read and write, they all should leave school with skills for life and work.

I want to change the world, political titles are not achievements, they are opportunities to do more, that's why I'm in politics. 

Over the next few weeks across the UK candidates will knock doors seeking support, if they tell you it's to allow them to be MP, think carefully, if they tell you they want to change your world (and have a sensible notion how to do it) they are worth a vote.
Most important of all when it comes to the 7th May carpe diem, seize the day, change your world, VOTE.


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