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Air Ambulance provision in Northern Ireland

The death of Dr John Hinds in a motorcycle accident was a tragedy for his family, the motorcycling fraternity and indeed the wider community through the loss of a talented medical practitioner. His passing has led to renewed calls for the introduction of an air ambulance to Northern Ireland, a cause he had championed for some time. It is a cause which in the right circumstances will provide additional benefit to the delivery of pre-hospital emergency care in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately at this time those circumstances do not yet exist. Amongst the circumstances required is the need for a sustainable ambulance service capable of meeting the existing requirements in terms of service delivery. The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service requires additional funding and resources in order to meet these requirements. In a response to Kathleen Torney of The Detail published on 26 June 2014NIAS Chief Executive Liam McIvor highlighted some of the difficulties facing the service. “We continue…

Giant Hogweed

I never really got the fascination with Giant Hogweed until I actually saw it in person. It's big, really big and from what those who have touched it tell me very, very nasty.

I've asked Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to take action wherever this is growing on council property and to engage other landowners where it is an issue. I've also asked for warning signs to be put up warning people of the dangers.